What is the preferred way to spell dev.to as a platform?

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When I want to talk about dev.to alongside a discussion of other platforms, it's kind of a unique case because it's the only one that doesn't make sense to refer to only by its second-level domain. But when I'm calling everything else by its second-level domain (I mean come on it's cringe to talk about youtube.com or something), it feels right to capitalize the other platforms, but I never capitalize a domain name. So it seems like there's no perfect to write it.

On youtube.com and dev.to - yuck

On Youtube and dev.to - capitalization looks awkward

On youtube and dev.to - capitalization looks awkward

On Youtube and Dev.to - capitalization looks awkward

On Youtube and DEV.to - capitalization looks even more awkward

On Youtube and DEV - come on no

I really don't want to refer to the platform as just "DEV", because that's a normal English word. None of the other platforms are named after just a single word. Okay, I guess minds.com. So what's the best convention for spelling platform names like this?

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I generally use DEV. Btw, Dev is a English word not DEV. 😉


On YouTube and DevDotTo
On YouTube and Dev-Dot-To
On YouTube and Dev DotTo

Dunno tbh go with what you feel right.
Best might be On YouTube and Dev Community /DevTo Community