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Google search console?!?

yujiri8 profile image Ryan Westlund Updated on ・1 min read

Yesterday night I found out about the Google search console. It's badass! Check this out:

Alt Text

I can see all that right out of the box! The service doesn't cost money, only requires a Google account and DNS verification of domain ownership.

And there are other awesome goodies too, like this more detailed graph, and the element at the bottom where I can see which queries I get hits from and which pages do the best, etc:

Alt Text

I can't imagine how much use I'm going to get out of this. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can see stats on my dev.to posts, since I can't prove ownership of the URL prefix, but still, it'll be an amazing service to have.

I'm making this post as a sort of PSA for any webmasters who, like me, didn't find out about this until years of obscurity :)

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