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Decentralize the internet projects?

Ryan Westlund
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I've heard of a lot of projects aimed at decentralizing the internet in various ways, like the SAFE network and the Yggdrasil network. I really admire the goals of all these projects and would be thrilled to help work on one of them, although I have a lot of learning to do.

But there are so many. SAFE. Yggdrasil. FNET. Open Mesh. NYC mesh. I was talking to someone recently in an XMPP channel about my ambitions who listed about a dozen of them. A lot of them seem like alternatives, which makes me worry that they make each other redundant. I don't want to work on a project like this if it turns out a different one does the same things better and becomes more popular. But of course, being as lacking in network expertise as I am, I have no ability to judge which ones are most promising.

Thought I'd ask around here if there were any opinions on them in the DEV community.

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