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I feel you :) I've been struggling with this ever since I started... 6 years ago? (I started on Blogspot, and originally didn't talk about software.) Nowadays, yujiri.xyz gets something like 10 search clicks a day according to Google search console and comments from strangers every now and then, which is enough to make me feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Every SEO article you read tells you the most important thing is to get links, but that's much easier said than done.

I would say what's been the most important tool to getting me where I am now is finding related communities. I started with Prismata, a strategy game I was a prominent player of, and wrote some beginner guides for it and shared them; that got a lot of people checking out my other content, as well as a couple of backlinks. I've also made a lot of backlinks through other communities I have a foot in. I comment on a lot of subreddits and if I'm sparing, I can drop a highly relevant link to a piece I've written every 10-20 comments. It's been a long time since I got downvoted or removed for self-promotion (in general, I find reddit is more tolerant of it than most traditional forums).

In general, it semes like the formula is: find an existing community that might be interested in your content, become a figure / contribute some value there, then start linking, and people might be intersted. (What you've done here is actually a very nice example :))

(I clicked your link to acroynon.com btw and the first thing I see is a "Join our newsletter" popup. FYI, that stuff irritates me and has a pretty high chance of making me leave the page if I'm not super interested, especially if it happens almost immediately on load.)

(Oh yikes. I also noticed that I get the popup again every time I open a link in a new tab. I don't know if that's intentional, but I highly recommend you tone it down.)


Another thing: are the comments broke? I made one pointing out a typo, but it isn't showing up, and I don't see a "waiting for approval" or anything. What is PHP spells AAJX instead of AJAX once.


Nope, I see it waiting for approval, I was just about to correct the mistake and approve the comment. Thank you


Oh wow... I just had a disheartening realization looking at Google search console. I'd thought of the possibility of reddit adding rel=nofollow to external links, but I checked the HTML and they didn't... turns out some subreddits do, but not others.


Interesting, that's good to know


Thanks for the feedback. I've never thought about posting to reddit, that's a good idea. I've also been thinking about scraping the newletter/email signup from my site, as so fae I haven't actually done anything with it and, as you mentioned, it can be annoyinf to viewers.

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