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Discussion on: The Unix world needs to get its shit together.

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Ryan Westlund Author

Switching distributions isn't really an answer. Distributions have a lot of technical differences and there can be good reasons to favor one over the other. Personally I'm using Artix right now, which is basically Arch with OpenRC instead of Systemd.

Especially since I've tried out even distributions that bill themselves as relatively user-friendly and desktop focused and still have these issues. Devuan was the one where I encountered the README referring me to commands that didn't exist (I was able to get it working anyway because I know how to work with wpa_supplicant and dhclient, but part of the reason I tried Devuan was because I was looking for a distribution I could recommend to beginners, and if the setup requires technical knowledge like that, it's off the list).

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Marcell Cruz

You clearly understand a lot more about the subject than me, I just installed arch linux with i3wm and I fine with it, I don't care about upgrades I usually just want to use the thing, maybe you're being too picky or changing too much stuff, I don't know, with great freedom comes great chances of breaking stuff, a lot of junior developers on my team use ubuntu and it's very hard for them to have any problems, usually the windows users have a lot more problems.