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I'm Yuichi, from Japan living in Montreal, Canada.

I am software engineer at a startup using Node.js with Typescript, some Python, Angular, Docker, and microservice stuff. For my private time, I'm having fun using and learning other stack like Go (Golang), React, Ruby on rails, Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc. I like learning new stuff!

My previous jobs before becoming software engineer were Sales/Marketing rep, Translator, etc. I studied Business/Economics in University.
I have learned coding via YouTube, blogs, codecademy, freecodecamp, and googling around.

I speak Japanese, English, and some French. I love travelling, playing various sports and working out, and cooking!
Nice to meet you all :)


Hey I have DBA friend in Canada, but in Vancouver... hehe


Me too trying to switch.
Your story is inspirational.


Can't wait to hear more about your blockchain work


Welcome, Yuichi. Nice to meet you too!


Welcome to our great tech community!


Welcome Yuichi, nice to have you here. πŸ˜‰

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