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I usually make aliases only for those that have specific parameters or are compound of more than one command.

In the other cases, I use the shell auto-completion with the TAB key.

Also, for those like this:

alias.s status -s

If you do that very frequent i think it's better a shell alias (gs) than a git alias (git s)


I do have shell aliases for some things, like grabbing a PR locally (fish shell alias)

function copr
        git fetch origin pull/$argv/head:pr$argv; and git co pr$argv;

At the end of the day, everyone has their own setups, which is normal. All that matters is that you set things up the way you like that makes you more productive.


gs has an unpleasant collision with GhostScript.


I also don't mention it in the post but I have a shell alias for git which is just g, so I'd do g s

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