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re: Try sublime text!

Check out Quiver for macOS. Create notes within notebooks, and each note can have cells of markdown, code blocks, or sequence diagrams.

For other platforms, check out Joplin. It's not as nice as quiver, but shares some of the same ideas.

I miss that app so much... I switched to Linux from Mac OS a while ago, and that one was one of my most favorite productivity apps.

My crude workaround at the moment is Typora. It's not bad, but not nearly as polished as Quiver.

I will check out Joplin soon. Thanks for the tip!

Currently using Joplin. It is amazing, and a quick look at Quiver yields a very similar look. I don't know of any implementation that allows "sharing" notebooks like I saw in a screenshot of Quiver, but otherwise, Notebooks with sub-notebook organization, Markdown is possible. Also, there seem to be a lot more methods for accessing Joplin on different platforms, with Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android/iOS/Terminal implementations with DropBox and other file storage services. Highly recommended.
Also, Joplin is FREE. Major bonus.

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