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Discussion on: React Native vs Flutter — What to Choose in 2021?

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I wrote a small app with flutter, then found a RN job and wrote RN and React codes for 8 months. What I miss about flutter is:
1) writing and debugging dart code is far more fun then javascript (especially debugging with breakpoints)
2) build/run for first time is easier
3) hot relaod is more accurate then RN
4) creating error is less likely because of android studio and errors are more understandable for me

What I like about RN is
1) vs code eating much less ram/processor (I didnt try develop flutter app on vs code, may be it is more fun, dont know)
2) npm has lots of js packages according to dart packages
3) you develop both RN and react web skills at the same time. (This is great untill flutter web will be mature.)

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Kir Kaun • Edited on

VS Code can be successfully used for Flutter development and (IMO) it leaves way more joyful, lightweight-ish feeling than Android Studio or XCode in terms of mobile development.