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Discussion on: I completely rewrote my personal website using as a CMS

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Junxiao Shi

This is a risky direction.
In 2035, is bankrupt and no longer exists. You still have your Markdowns but you lose the uploaded pictures.

I have a few blog posts written around 2008 where images were uploaded to third party hosting services. In 2017, I discovered that the images hosting service was closed and all these images disappeared.
I had to dig out the original files of these blog posts and re-export the images. The files were in Kingsoft WPS 97 format, and I had to download that application in order to open the files.

I'm still mourning the loss of a few videos from 2006 that I uploaded to now-defunct third party hosting and no longer have a backup myself.

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James Wallis Author • Edited

I disagree.
There is nothing wrong or risky in leveraging as a CMS, as long as you back up your data.

It would be pretty trivial to set up a service/app to save your articles each day using the API and performing a download of any images you've used in your articles.

Why not take advantage of the free platform is providing? Just take backups of your data.