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Discussion on: How many domain names do you own?

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

I have 3 paid domains: is the main website. It's registered in 2006.
To avoid cookie pollution, I avoid using its subdomains for public websites. redirects to the main website. It's registered in 2007. In the past, I separate Chinese and English pages on different domains, but stopped doing so around 2014. Some websites are still linking to this domain, so that I have to keep it.
Subdomains in * are being used internally for accessing devices in my house.
I plan to move some * sites to its subdomains. is newly registered in 2020 for my projects related to Named Data Networking. It's better than scattering around * and * subdomains.

I also have a few FreeNom domains for trolling purposes.

Around 2007-2010, I had and and for "investment", but nobody expressed interest so I let them expire.