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Discussion on: Hacktoberfest 2020 Check-in

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

I've got four high quality Pull Requests merged.

I'm regular contributor to Named Data Networking codebase. Most projects are using Gerrit Code Review and thus ineligible to Hacktoberfest. For the few accepting GitHub Pull Requests, I have to first open an issue to ask the maintainer to add hacktoberfest label, but not every maintainer is responsive. I also need to remind the maintainer to review and approve quickly.

DefinitelyTyped has the hacktoberfest label since the beginning, but it takes 10 days for a review.

My Pull Requests are all nice as they all got merged without questions. I feel the "14-day review period" in Hacktoberfest system is redundant because the maintainer already took a positive action to approve each Pull Request.