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Discussion on: How do you deal with content editing after the site has been shipped?

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

When I'm in college, I built a simple CMS that generates static files, and took up three websites: housing department, student services, and psychology counseling office.
Two of the departments pay me a fixed amount monthly. The other won't, so I made a complex service plan that includes CMS license fee, monthly service fee, per article posting fee, picture editing fee, text editing fee, etc; if I mess up (e.g. typos), there would be deductions. I learned this from telephone companies.
The posting itself is (1) open the Word document received from email (2) copy-paste to the CMS (3) edit typos (4) move pictures around.

If they want me to repair office computers, I charge by the hour and pay my classmate to do that dirty work.
With that, I don't need my parents to give me lunch money anymore, and I frequently take pretty girls to dinner.