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Discussion on: The Night owls guide to 6am

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Junxiao Shi

Don't use any alarm clock! Always wake up naturally.
The only exception is on the days you have to catch a morning flight. However, nobody should fly this year.

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Nathan Kallman Author

That's great if you can do that daily! (also a sign that you have a very healthy bedtime schedule) I "wake up" at 10 when left to my own devices though...

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

My bedtime is all over the place: evening conference calls, late night bugfix, TV, Doom, …
As planned, it should be 23:00±0:30 ~ 06:00±0:30.
In reality, it's more like 00:00±2:30 ~ 06:00±3:30.
But still, no alarm clock. Natural wakeup only!