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Discussion on: Fundamentals of Functional JavaScript

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Waow, what a great article. I'm a teacher and this will greatly help some of my students which want to improve in JS.

Some returns to improve it :

  1. Prefer using let instead of var, new JS stuff :p
  2. You should differenciate logs & returns, and not using the same "output" term, in your examples ;)

Thanks a lot for this great work, have a nice day :)

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Animesh Pandey Author • Edited on

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

And also thank you for your feedback. There was really no reason for me to prefer var over let, it was just my own habit. The outputs/returns could use some improvement though. I am looking into better ways to inject executable code into an article, so it could be of more help. Right now the best option seems to be CodePen. I will revisit and update all previous articles once I am satisfied.

Well, stay tuned for more! Thanks again!