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Discussion on: she's not a developer yet but nevertheless, natalie coded

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Yoandy Rodriguez Martinez

Every time I read a testimonial like yours I am amazed at how the people who write it do not realize the courage that lies behind their actions. I'm glad you have that courage because you won't be afraid of trying new things. I'm glad you have doubts because you they will make you remember your struggle and help beginners with theirs. That will make you a great team member, and we need more people like you.

Welcome to the world of developers, stop feeling like you don't belong and remember we're here to give you strength.

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natalie stroud Author

I love that last line, thank you so much. All of the feedback I've been given here has been wonderful <3 I can tell I've made it into a community with wide open arms and I can't wait to keep moving forward. Your words are so kind!!