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Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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Jonathan Fraimorice

A developer that doesn't level up, for me personally, mean he's not passionate about his job and maybe the best course of action for him is to leave and maybe change profession.
I myself always learn at home, try to be better, and I know there's always room for improvement, not because of the money, but because it really interest me (not always of course, but most of the time)

I think that having a "turned off" dev in the team also have a negative impact on the spirit of the team, so it might be better to either move him to a one-man team for simple tasks, or just talk to him and understand why he's like this, maybe there's something blocking him from growing (either professional or personal issues)

My personal feeling is that talking is always the best course of action and can reveal most of the solvable problems without bad blood.

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Jordan Lee • Edited

Why would you say that man, that's pretty cold-blooded imo (granted, this is the internet where things are easily misinterpreted. So I apologise if this is one of those cases).

All of us posting on dev probably love what we do—I just don't think it's right to assume that our experiences must hold true for every other developer or else there's something wrong with them.
Maybe someone doesn't love being a developer, but it's the only way to put food on the table. Or maybe they do want to learn more, but they're too exhausted from raising a family. Or maybe they suffer from mental illness etc. etc. etc.

For instance, I used to study dentistry. You soon realise that 80% of dentists don't particularly enjoy what they do, they just chose it for the financial security. This also doesn't mean they are incompetent; they just don't go learning more about teeth in their free time.

We must acknowledge how lucky and privileged we are to love our jobs, and understand that this is not the norm for most people. In turn, we can avoid imposing our ideals on others—just how we wouldn't want theirs imposed on our lives.

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Jonathan Fraimorice

Hey, sorry for sounding (reading?) arrogant or cocky - it's far from the truth.
I just meant that maybe he's not willing to put in the extra effort because he doesn't like what he does. I personally saw a lot of devs that quit the development world to become something else because they didn't like it too much.

If he enjoys development and likes it where he's at now, good for him! And happy to hear that you chose something else that you love because you didn't enjoy what you first chose. It takes a lot of courage to switch careers after you've started pursuing one.

All good I hope :)

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