Discussion on: What tools do you use for monitoring?

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Legacy system (COBOL) for financial transactions and each tester is responsible for certain transactions (fund withdrawal, fund transfer, payment, cash surrender, death claim, lapse, monthiversary, loan, change of beneficiary, etc) Each tester has a number of test cases with expected results. When the programmers code and the base is released into the test environment, the OLD RELIABLE TESTS are run through the new code. The testers check for differences. For example, last time the test case produced these results, now it produces these results. Tester reviews documentation and new project specifications written by spec writers and programmers for 1) unexpected changes and also 2) to begin verifying that expected changes are happening. So our monitoring system in acceptance test is regression test outputs reviewed by testers. Every time many program changes / fixes are made to the code, a regression test is run and testers are given the output to review. They verify changes and report bugs.