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VSC TASKS.... to run to create a ENTIRE, MERN Stack ....project. IS THAT A GOOD IDEA???

yobretyo profile image Bret ・1 min read

Is it a good idea,
To have a TASK setup, to create a MERN project?
As in setting up the server and client?

By having mkdir MAIN, FrontEnd, backend, CD into each and run the typical codes of npm init -y and CRA ect??? Also to install style frameworks, ect.... is that a good idea?

I have a FRONTEND and BACKEND Task setup to create it.

But is that good?

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Ivan Jeremic

Learn Nextjs is what I would recommend you.

yobretyo profile image
Bret Author

I’m using Express right now

yobretyo profile image
Bret Author

What is that compared to creating a task to setup a project?