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Discussion on: KDE vs GNOME

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If you are running Ubuntu 20.04 you are probably running GNOME 3.36 and not 3.6.
Besides that GNOME performance has gotten quite a bit better with 3.38. If you are comfortable going off the LTS path and use Ubuntu 20.10 it’s worth a try before switching KDE.
I try KDE every once in a while and while the performance advantage on my machines is more or less negligible, but you experience might differ.
What keeps me coming back to GNOME is the more refined, more consistent and frankly better user experience of the desktop and many of the applications you would typically use with it.
In my opinion KDE suffers greatly from cluttered and confusing menus with lots but often half backed features.
KDE also relies on many paradigms that are in line with a traditional desktop but feel a bit antiquated.
Both desktop environments are perfectly suitable as a daily drivers. It really comes down to personal preference.
If GNOME runs fast enough I would always prefer it, but KDE would definitely be my second choice.
I think that every other desktop is to experimental or to antiquated to be considered a viable option.
As for the window managers many people swear by, I feel like they require such an ungodly amount of work that it just isn’t worth it unless you consider the configuration of you desktop an enjoyable activity in itself.

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Ashutosh Dash Author

thanks a lot, that was really insightfull