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Discussion on: Is Codespaces going to replace Gitpod?

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I’m quite doubtful. Graphics and especially native GUI is one of the strongest bastions of platform dependent differences there are.
Not only is there no common low level API supported on all major platforms everyone also uses their own compositing and presentation platform which vary significantly (Linux has two l, plus Android, plus Chrome OS).
This is quite different from most of tech used on the backend of web services. The vast majority it’s cross platform by default or just a recompilation away.

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Banee Ishaque K

Gitpod supports GUI developement too (with the use of VNC embedded in HTML5). Currently it is good for desktop apps development, since Gitpod deosn't support direct connection of local devices (mobile phones, ioT devices, Microcontroller boards, etc), also lacks support for device emulators (due to the complexity in virtualization) - there are some hack ways - not tried yet.

A common drawback for both platforms is support for windows only technologies like .NET Framework (but, supports .NET Core). I think Microsoft will overcome this limitation in near future thorugh Codespaces.