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Discussion on: Show me your best Open Source project

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YJDoc2 • Edited

GitHub logo YJDoc2 / 8086-emulator-web

Repository for 8086 emulator web implementation

A frontend only emulator for intel 8086 chip. Uses web assembly to emulate the microprocessor, so after loading pages, no requests are made.

My favourite part is it uses same core emulator as it's commandline version, just with a thin wrapper for web.

Hosted at for free as it's frontend only :)

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David Dal Busco

Liked and starred ⭐️ I first learned programming on a 8086 board.

These power outage and memory allocation were fun 😉

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Hey thanks for the ⭐ and like 😄
I hope you found the project interesting :)
I know it cannot compete with actually programming on an 8086 board, but we have tried to make it as close as we can ;)

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