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HNG Internship 8: My Goals

About The Internship

HNG Internship is a virtual internship program for people learning to code or design. It usually runs for around 3 months.

The program has 10 stages. Those who are able to fulfill the given tasks within a stated timeframe advance to the next stage.

HNGi8 is the eighth cohort of the program and it's organized by the Zuri Team.

My Goals for Participating in The HNGi8 Cohort

I've read a lot about HNG on Twitter and how its finalist turns out to be prodigies. And also how it's challenging and fast-paced. I wanted to challenge myself with the intent to be among the finalists.
Some of my goals participating in HNGi8 includes:

  • Learn how to work in a team. - As a self-taught, I don't have much experience working in teams.

  • Meet and connect with other developers and designers.

  • Work on challenging projects to improve my skills.

  • Access to Job opportunities - HNG matches finalists to its pool of potential employers.

  • Get an HNG T-Shirt and bragging rights on Twitter (IYKYK)

Some Learning Resources I find Useful

As a self-taught, I use a lot of resources while honing my front-end development skills. Some of the beginner-friendly ones I find includes:

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