My first GitHub Sponsorship

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I got my first GitHub Sponsors on May 23rd, I'm excited to share what happened and how I got the sponsorship.

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Sponsors Activity


I'm a hardcore contributor for an open-source project called Open Sauced, It is a project to manage data to identify your next open source contribution.

Open Sauced is maintained by Brian Douglas he is in the Developer Relations team at GitHub. I helped him sort out the issues in Open Sauced and another project called Mutualfun, he loved the way I'm triaging the issues and making PRs for them. Boom Immediately I saw a tweet.

Brian's Tweet

I always have a jerk when seeing his name on twitter 'pernamently blacklisted'.

He started sponsoring me on Gold Sponsor - $50 Tier, from that my contribution to Open Sauced tripled

Check out the Github Repo here https://github.com/bdougie/open-sauced

Immediately after 30 minutes, I was sponsored by a guy called Anand Chowdhary he is the CEO at Oswald Labs.

I'm an active contributor to the community called Denorg it is the world's first Deno-focused community organization and consulting company which is focused on developing Deno Packages (Deno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime alternative to Node built on Rust).

I ported 3 packages to Denorg from NPM

Is Docker - https://github.com/denorg/is-docker
Get IP - https://github.com/denorg/get-ip
Humanize URL - https://github.com/denorg/humanize-url

I haven't noticed that he started sponsoring. Actually it was notified by my friend in Discord, that you have two sponsors.

Thanks for Brian and Anand for being my first two sponsors.

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Please write an article explaining how you triage issues like a boss! Will be waiting...


Congratulations. Keep going Buddy


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