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The biggest open-source event is ending soon!

yewyewxd profile image Yew Kang Wei ・1 min read

Hacktoberfest is held on every October (yes, once a year) to celebrate open-source software and allow passionate coders to collaborate & have fun together.

This year, I didn't have a lot of time to really enjoy it because I'd been super busy. As you could see, I had to write 20-50 letters a day before I got a job. After that, I still have to hustle 2 jobs (or more) for my dream.

So I thought, instead of seeking fun alone, why don't I create an opportunity for more developers to enjoy the open-source experience together? Therefore, I launched TrackerBase as an open-source project.


Now, I officially invite YOU to come and have fun with us. You can make ANY changes or suggest ANYTHING you want, just fork it and make a pull request, the point is to learn not to be afraid of making mistakes!

Wanna become a moderator? Sure! I'd be so happy about that! Just shoot me a DM on Twitter or Insta (@yewyewxd ).

Twitter Link:

Stay safe, happy weekend!

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