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Discussion on: What are your non-tech interests/hobbies? 🏝

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Yechiel Kalmenson

I'm a huge aviation geek!

I love everything about flying; I even took a few flying lessons but was never able to afford pursuing it all the way to getting my private pilot's license.

I'm hoping that now that my finances are getting in order I'll finally be able to go all the way! 🛩ī¸

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Jonathan Kuhl • Edited

I went to college for flight operations but ran out of money because I couldn't land the stupid things. There was just something about landing I could not get down (pun semi intended?) so I never got to my solo. Moved on to another major after that.

Might try again some day, but it's expensive.

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Gift Egwuenu Author

Awesome! Yes you should go all the way.