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I started quite young, maybe at around 13?

Year Elapsed time Learned
2008 0 Dreamweaver (shame years)
2009 1y HTML + CSS
2010 2y PHP + MySQL
2011 3y C
2013 5y Javascript
2014 6y (into Uni!) Haskell, Java, C++, AngularJS, NodeJS, more JS, express.js, mongoose, mongodb, git, vim, tmux, socket.io
2015 7y Prolog, more Javascript, Angular 2 + TypeScript, mailgun, Python
2016 8y React + Redux
2017 9y (out of uni!) Vue + Vuex <3, dokku
2018 10y (first job) scss, more JS

It's funny, I have always wanted to deny learning anything from my Uni. But apparently my first year of uni taught me quite a lot. Well but to be fair, AngularJS, NodeJS, Express.js, mongoose, mongodb, vim, tmux and socket.io are all learnt in a self-driven way. The uni doesn't force me to learn them, so I am not so sure how much credit should I give to my UNI.


Ah yes, Dreamweaver days! But I learned to hate it very quickly too!


Haha! I even tried to make a login system with Dreamweaver at that time. No luck.


Haha first day in uni our professor told us, hell no, we won't be touching DW, we will learn how to code because that's what the worlds need

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