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re: Sorry for my late reply, and thanks a lot @stereobooster for the explanation 🙂 Besides that the researcher is a guy from Microsoft (which could m...

Besides that the researcher is a guy from Microsoft (which could make the research a bit biased

Yaser, firstly, there are three co-authors on the 'To type or not to type' paper, and two of them are listed as being at the University College London, and one at Microsoft Research. Now, you could argue that the Microsoft Research guy is pushing TypeScript because some other team in Microsoft makes it. Far-fetched, but sure. So then why would the paper say that both TypeScript and Flow were about equally effective? Flow is made by Facebook. Wouldn't that go against your bias argument?

But the confidence interval is affected by the variation & the sample size. ... And, I find 400 bugs to be a ridiculously small sample size

Well, that's how statistical analysis works. You don't need to trust this paper, calculating a sample size for a statistically-significant result is a well-known technique. Go to and plug in the numbers (population size 3 million, confidence level 95%, error margin 5%), you will get the same sample size 385.

The Price (blind spot that the research is not looking at):

Nope, they looked at it.

Is the extra effort (using static typing) worth it (the discovery of 10% bugs)?

The extra effort was timeboxed deliberately: they decided to look only at bugs that could be fixed by applying very simple types within a 10-minute window.

are they really hard to discover bugs? or just ones that you would open the browser and you would find them right away?

These were bugs that were shipped to and reported in production. So they passed all quality-control methods that the projects already had in place.

Typescript would require you to write more code. ... And hey, LOC (lines of code) is a liability, NOT an asset... means that extra code need to be maintained.

Unit tests also require you to write more code. That's a liability, don't write unit tests! ;-)

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