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re: Stop using `console.log`, start using your DevTools 🛠️ VIEW POST

re: Nice article, but applies to a world that nobody lives in anymore. 😔 Nobody writes this kind of JavaScript in an application that is actually usefu...

Source map is all you need.

I don’t think anyone will put debugger statements in production either


Does anyone put source map in production, though?

And on dev, source map is not a panacea - it does not translate 1:1 to the compiled code, which makes setting traps even more difficult. Also work horribly with code injected in live dev through eval().

No you won’t put source maps in prod, but in test or uat where it’s close to prod, but I don’t assume you put console.log in prod either, or wait for how many minutes your build will take for each debugging session

There were times I did put console.log() (or equivalent) to production - to debug a particularly difficult bug, that only appeared on production for very specific users. We managed to finally track the bug by log analysis.

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