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Investing in custom tools is good, but sometimes it can prevent people to think about changing the software/design for improvements that can't be fixed by just custom tooling 🤷‍♂️

So if the people agree that there is currently nothing that can be done in short term (always iterate instead of investing too much time), then %100 spend sometime now and save a lot later 👍🏽


I like your shaded answer, because I think this is our daily struggle as developper: do we invest time in "absorbing" a new entity (e.g. library), even if it does not fits 100% our needs, and work it out around, or do we put some time to create our own.

It's always a matter of trade offs and bet. The best product is where you made the best medium-long term choices in term of tools.

I would personnaly go for it if I know this is the kind of tool that will serve my needs a lot of times (like I did with my service worker library). This is a bet, maybe service workers will be superseded by another tech, but I feel in my gut it will be worth for now.


Interesting point about choices, yes especially in frontend world, it is never easy to predict, but it should be relatively easy to design for a couple of years ahead, even though you're not sure about the choice of lib/framework/tool

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