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Thanks Liyas for starting this topic.

I was once looking for an open source license that says:

Use this software personally for free, but not for professional use.

Apparently, OSS never works that way... it's free in essence.

So the way to go is to launch a premium service for highly desirable features.

I don't know why the author of Sizzy has bitter feelings about the experience of publishing his tool as an OSS:

  1. He validated the need of his tool.
  2. He validated it twice, by neglecting it for some time but the usage numbers kept increasing.
  3. He found the perfect mix of what features people exactly wanted, by giving it for a broader audience for free.
  4. He gained followers (aka potential customers).
  5. He finally launched the premium product.

If he can't see all that as a positive experience, I don't know what to say!


Afterall, contributing to OSS community is a free will. No one's gonna force you to do anyways. But what I must say is that, all things premium/paid kinda services are made because of open source projects.

What if all npm packages were paid services..? I can't even imagine what would've happened! No one will ever make a facebook, twitter, google, and nothing.

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