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re: Any NoSQL true believers out there? VIEW POST

re: In our academy system, we have a track which consists of many workshops which has many modules, each module has many lessons. That sounds like a ...

Here is where things go wrong:

Consider the other scenarios as well: what if you have to look for a particular lesson? You'll end up having to scan all of them!

Looking them how? by title?

That's not our job, that's algolia's job ;)

I really think your use case gains nothing by using a NoSQL store

The most part I feel will get right, is the logical nesting of documents instead of m2m ugly relationships which have no actual benefit.

go huge on caching (set up a Redis cluster, maybe?).

We do caching as explained here:

so I'm really, really skeptical of throwing away a relational model.

I'm posting this here to make sure we are taking the right decision :)

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