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Great job Rhymes and Molly!

I would also suggest few things to track down the issue further:

  1. Creating a rails app with just one endpoint and all the gems used in DEV, to determine the normal from the abnormal memory usage.

  2. Using a memory profiler and determining which endpoints account for the majority of the memory usage.

  3. After pinpointing the bottlenecks, you might consider switching their implementations into a faster one like C/Go/Rust (I suspect the serialization and deserialization are the culprits).

  4. All that above matters if there is some real financial pain, otherwise it's not worth pursuing 😁


Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

The gem derailed_benchmarks also helps:

GitHub logo schneems / derailed_benchmarks

Go faster, off the Rails - Benchmarks for your whole Rails app

Derailed Benchmarks

A series of things you can use to benchmark a Rails or Ruby app.

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This gem has been tested and is known to work with Rails 3.2+ using Ruby 2.1+. Some commands may work on older versions of Ruby, but not all commands are supported.

For some benchmarks, not all, you'll need to verify you have a working version of curl on your OS:

$ which curl
$ curl -V
curl 7.37.1 #


Put this in your gemfile:

gem 'derailed_benchmarks', group: :development

Then run $ bundle install.

While executing your commands you may need to use bundle exec before typing the command.

To use all profiling methods available also add:

gem 'stackprof', group: :development

You must be using Ruby 2.1+ to install these libraries. If you're on an older version of Ruby, what are you waiting for?


There are…

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