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Flatiron School Graduate: Reflections and Future Goals

Flatiron School Student
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As I reach the end of the Flatiron School coding bootcamp, I would like to share my thoughts and plans for the future.

Tech learned

Flatiron school gave me the tools I needed to learn how to code. I learned Ruby first which I think is easier to learn than javaScript. Next I learned SQL and learned how to manipulate the database with activeRecord and Ruby on Rails. I completed classes to learn the backend, and then Javascript to display information and interact with users in the frontend. I also learned React and Redux for the state management.

Future plans

For now until I find a job, I will work on my own projects. I hope to start making websites for small businesses. I know many construction businesses and they all want their own website. Now I can provide that service to them. I want to get better especially in the backend because I really like it. I want to get better in authenticating and protecting the user information. I want to improve my skills with Ruby and I want to learn another backend programming language. I already know how to work with an object-oriented language and I think will be easier for me to learn another language.

Final thoughts

This is the start of a new career. I'm glad I learned how to code because I like coding. I've done a lot of different type of jobs for a living. Most of the them I do because I have to pay bills. I'm currently working in the electrical field. I like to fix things and I like to know how things work. Everything has a logic and once you understand it, you'll never forget. Coding is the same way. You have to solve problems and that is not boring for me. The time go so fast when I'm coding and sometimes when I can't figure out something, I fall asleep thinking about it. I drive thinking about it, I walk thinking about it until I figure it out. I will keep pushing myself to get better at this because I don't want to be an average programmer I want to be one of the best.

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