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Discussion on: Can you recommend a book for practical learning of Go?

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Yannick Rehberger Author

Thank you. I know the "Head First" books as a well known series for programming skills, even if I have never read one of them by my own. Maybe the time has come ;-)
When I look at the table of contents it seems like a classic structure in the beginning and than it goes into single use cases and the solution. This is perfect to read alongside a side project and keep improving the project with each chapter. Does the book have an own story or project that runs as a common thread through the whole book?

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Arslane M Hadjoudj

Not a single one, ( excuse me if i didnt understood correctly , my english isn't relly good) but raher an Example per chapter, to illustate every part, but still using previous thigs you learned.
So yes and no actually, but finishing it, you'll build a dozen of little programms that'll cover 80 to 90% of go's concepts