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Discussion on: Can you recommend a book for practical learning of Go?

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Yannick Rehberger Author

Thank you for the comment. I love the test driven approach. Do the books build on each other in terms of content? Because I am surprised that variables are explained in the second book. Also, the books are quite thin, which is great and nice when you focus on a topic. Do you reference online resources for further reading if somebody wants to study a go concept more in depth?

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John Arundel

Yes, it's always a problem when trying to teach something like Go: what do you teach first? I've deliberately focused on tests for the first book, which surprises a lot of people, and in book 2 we get thoroughly into variables and data types (structs and slices are particularly important). Yes, there are lots of links to further reading online and code challenges for people who want to push themselves beyond the basics!