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Discussion on: Switching back to my old buddy Sublime Text from VS Code 🤷🏻‍♂️

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As usual Microsoft clogging user machines with their bloated products... Not really a surprise.

A couple months ago I returned coding in PHP and as I couldn't decide among VSCode, Sublime and Brackets I ended picking VSCode. Right in the first bat one of the things that really annoyed me since the beginning is its very long time to load -as much as Visual Studio!- that IMO is too long for a plain text editor. Oh, well, I can live with it...

So yesterday I was happily working on a project when my keyboard stopped to work out-of-the-blue in the middle of a code typing! What the heck? So after a quick observation I figured that the problem happens EVERY time I type <?php ?> at the end of a long line. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense I know, but it is what it is. Curiously the navigation keys keep working but not the chars. The keyboard will return to work normally if I close and reopen VSCode BUTt if I move to the end of a long line and repeat that same sequence... dang... It stops again! Definitively I cannot use an editor that may cause my keyboard stop to work if I type the main tag of the language I am using! LoL!

Long story short this morning I switched to Sublime and I am amazed so far. First thing I enjoyed is that it takes barely 1 second to load. Now I am trying to get used to it.