235 ideas of what to do while you are on quarantine

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So far, like everyone else sitting in quarantine, I’ve been thinking about doing something useful (like everyone is doing 😄) at home.

I started googling and found a lot of ideas to do something with your loved one or alone while you’re at home.

So I decided to create a "random generator" of activities which you can do during the quarantine and I've open-sourced it on GitHub.

You will get ideas from such categories as: movies, creativity, personal development, cooking, cleaning, and much more.

Meet dawn, clean up the pantry, spend five minutes in silence and more.
What will you get from this list?

Do some little challenge.Choose 3–5 consecutive actions and do their next days.Or choose 3 actions for 1 day. The choice is big.

👉🏻Try it here👈🏻

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Where do I add mine?

  • Prepare breakfast for your children.
  • Play with your children.
  • Prepare lunch for your children.
  • Wash dishes. Clean kitchen.
  • Prepare snack for your children.
  • Homeschool your children.
  • Prepare dinner for everyone.
  • Bathe your children.
  • Take your children to bed.
  • Wash dishes. Clean kitchen.
  • Clean the house.
  • Try to work from home while doing all that.

Time to contribute and increase the ideas 🤓


Cool. I like the list of activities. Nowadays fitness and cooking are on top of my list


ha-ha, cool 🍳😀
thank you)))


It suggested to "Read a Norwegian fairy tale for yourself before sleeping" for me 📖🤓


Woah, I got a lot of workouts suggestions. Should I concern more about my health?

Jokes apart, great idea! :)


ha-ha, nothing personal 😀
thanks 😀