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Discussion on: Gitlab VS Github VS BitBucket. Which one deserve your time ? ⌚️👀

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Younes Author

Ow interesting thank you !

Why does git became popular if mercurial is faster ?

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Benoit Verret

I help a teacher in a programming class at university and we switch from mercurial to git and I'm really happy of that. Found it easier to help student and the mecanic to bundle and un bundle a project is so much more easier with git.

As for the platform, we were on Bitbucket but now that we are with git we evaluate Github VS GitLab.
I use GitLab a lot at my job and I think GitLab could be easier to teach for new student or student who will only have one or two programming courses.

But there's also Github classroom, I will test it this semester, I'm looking to automatize correction for semesters project directly in github.