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Discussion on: Is having a degree in IT still relevant in 2019?

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Younes Author

Oh, I should also try to be the last in class. 😝

Regarding what you said about skills, I totally agree with you!

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I always call myself a Goat for being last in class. I did my best to complete my university but I always had the inkling I don't really fit in by being part of the university.

I would prefer the world of startups and technology than being a university student in any time of the day.

Which luckily I'm given the chance to be part of an awesome startup :), so don't be so hard on yourself when your in university.

At West Point, 'Goats' Are an Exclusive Bunch

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Younes Author

I'm feeling the same right now but I'm fine, I'm holding on. 😆

I prefer too.

Like Joyce Meyer said : "Patience is not just the ability to wait - it is the way we act when we wait."

I will try, thank you for sharing this with us. 😁