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Discussion on: Leassons learned using Firebase for the first time

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Mydrax • Edited on

Nice post! I absolutely love firebase, a few tips from me:

  • Write tests for your security rules.
  • Setup a local development environment using the firebase emulators, this way you don't have to deal with network latency. This is specially true if your cloud functions/ firestore/buckets etc locations are far away. You get a pretty sweet ui to manage your local environment too!!! Firebase released an auth emulator recently so you can do develop locally without restrictions (no need to deploy your cloud function x times for x changes)
  • Abstract business logic from security rules to cloud functions and always remember rules don't filter they restrict.
  • Since you mentioned data duplication, you should take a look at firebase triggers. Makes syncing data seamless!
  • Server Timestamps aren't resolved immediately, so make sure to set estimate to true or listen to changes and update the value appropriately.
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Antonio Author

Thanks for sharing those. I haven't used the emulators that much but I agree for testing functions they'll be super useful. I can tell you the amount of times I've deployed a Firestore triggered function just to get it right 😅