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Parsify Desktop - Extendable calculator for the 21st century ⚡

xxczaki profile image Antoni Kepinski ・1 min read

👋 Hello everyone!

I'm extremely happy to show you Parsify Desktop - an extendable text-based calculator. It allows you to write notes, but at the same time evaluate math expressions, convert units, currencies, and much more.

✨ Main features:

  • Instant answers
  • Supports math operations, unit & currency conversion and much more
  • Custom syntax highlighting for better readability
  • Ability to add custom units & plugins
  • Cross-platform

💰 While the app itself is free to download, you can also purchase a lifetime license, which activates some exciting additional features, like custom units and plugins. It also supports further development!

🌹 To celebrate the launch, there is a 50% discount on the license (until June 8, so be quick!).

🎁 More information available on https://parsify.app

💌 Huge thanks to everyone for your support!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, make sure to write them below.

PS: We are also on Product Hunt -> https://www.producthunt.com/posts/parsify-desktop

Posted on Jun 3 by:

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Antoni Kepinski


17 years old developer ⚡️ Into Node.js & Rust 🛠


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