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To be short, this is a concept that I call the inversion of rationality.

I noticed that on contrary to other people, I ended up thinking rationally on different places than they do.

Everything technical is very very instinctive to me. This has been driving me all my life to code. I just do stuff by believing that's how to do it. Sometimes it's wrong and I change it. Sometimes I read my code years later and think it's garbage. Sometimes I think I'm a genius. But the point is that I didn't ask myself too many questions before doing it. I don't have to known what I'm doing but instead I do believe in it at the time I'm doing it.

On the other hand I used to be bullied at school for years so when a client calls me like their office is burning and their project is the absolute top-priority unless the world is going to end well I don't care. I can listen to rational arguments about why a deadline is important and I take care to deliver a high-end final result but only because I rationally chose to. Any rational reason would come in the way and I would drop it all without remorse.

So I guess that's how I cope with all the bullshit.

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