8 tips from John Wick for 10x developers

Rémy 🤖 on June 15, 2019

Warning — Given the movie being commented here, there is textual and graphical violence (from the obligatory gifs) in this article Warning — This... [Read Full]
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Well done, but I feel my take away from this is if you can't be Batman, Be John Wick :)


I had to follow you just because of this tribute to Wick post. I never liked action movies and this is the first one I absolutely adore. Haven't seen #3 yet, but I will soon. Sometimes I feel like 10xAssassin would be much easier than 10xEngineer.

Just for the record, I don't consider myself to be a 10xEngineer.



I have never seen John Wick. It could be good but I'll never know. the name, the genre is so blasé. I do like how you used a movie as a vehicle to talk about development.

I just wish the vehicle was HBO Cherynobl, Insatiable or Pokémon Pet Detective.


The movie is different from others in the genre because of, in part, the methodical approach of the main character. That's what I translated into development techniques.

I could try detective Pikachu but I'm not sure I could get as much content :)


Thanks you for the post, I really apreciate it.

I will try to colaborate with a comment about item four, "...anticipate them when you code...", in my first reading of this item I thinked "Write code that client don't need NOW can be a mistake" but after reading again I changed my opinion to "My code reflect my decisions and antecipate client needs can be a simple change in strategic of my code, like add a extension point and not codding the final solution"

Sorry for any missunderstand about your post.

Again, thanks, have a nice weekend.


Such a fun post. Isn't it funny how even the most seemingly unrelated things have lessons in them if you look closely enough? Thanks for the thoughts Rémy!


Dope post man. It's really fun and instructive at the same time 😂

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