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8 tips from John Wick for 10x developers

Rémy 🤖 on June 15, 2019

Warning — Given the movie being commented here, there is textual and graphical violence (from the obligatory gifs) in this article Warning — This...
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Peter Witham

Well done, but I feel my take away from this is if you can't be Batman, Be John Wick :)

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Rémy 🤖 Author

Best lesson of all, you're right

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Damir Franusic

I had to follow you just because of this tribute to Wick post. I never liked action movies and this is the first one I absolutely adore. Haven't seen #3 yet, but I will soon. Sometimes I feel like 10xAssassin would be much easier than 10xEngineer.

Just for the record, I don't consider myself to be a 10xEngineer.


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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

I have never seen John Wick. It could be good but I'll never know. the name, the genre is so blasé. I do like how you used a movie as a vehicle to talk about development.

I just wish the vehicle was HBO Cherynobl, Insatiable or Pokémon Pet Detective.

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Rémy 🤖 Author

The movie is different from others in the genre because of, in part, the methodical approach of the main character. That's what I translated into development techniques.

I could try detective Pikachu but I'm not sure I could get as much content :)

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Silvio Lucena Junior

Thanks you for the post, I really apreciate it.

I will try to colaborate with a comment about item four, "...anticipate them when you code...", in my first reading of this item I thinked "Write code that client don't need NOW can be a mistake" but after reading again I changed my opinion to "My code reflect my decisions and antecipate client needs can be a simple change in strategic of my code, like add a extension point and not codding the final solution"

Sorry for any missunderstand about your post.

Again, thanks, have a nice weekend.

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What a fun post!
Really well done!

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Dope post man. It's really fun and instructive at the same time 😂

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J. Jordan Stivers

Such a fun post. Isn't it funny how even the most seemingly unrelated things have lessons in them if you look closely enough? Thanks for the thoughts Rémy!