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Update: day 13/100

xoshly profile image Ashley Randall ・1 min read


  • CSS Art
  • SVG


  • Basic JavaScript Data Structures

I have talked about learning CSS Art before but I have been very interested in creating new art. I don't care how basic my creations are now because I know that if this hunger to keep creating never ceases, my art is going to be fire!

I haven't used much of #SVG and I honestly forgot about it until I was looking for ways to creating an alien head and I was stuck. So I went to #Codepen and looked into how other people created their alien head and one in particular creator used SVG. I swear that it was like a foreign language to me. So, for the rest of this week and going into the next, I will be using more SVG for my next art projects.

Last week, I started my course on ReactJS and I realized how much I had skated through #FreeCodeCamp JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms certification. I really did not apply a lot of the knowledge to anything so it was like it came and went away. And I feel as if I want to be great at ReactJS, I GOTTA be great at JS LOL!

Taking one bite at a time, I am using most of my time reviewing JS so that I can complete FCC's 3rd Certification. This journey hasn't been easy, especially while learning this on my own with a baby that is not a year old yet. But I am determined, motivated, and very eager and hungry for knowledge. I've made it this far, why stop now?

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