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Stages of Learning a Language...

xoshly profile image Ashley Randall ・1 min read

Learning your first language is the hardest. But remember that one day, you will become fluent.

Pigging back off of my recent comment on my previous post with Patrick, it made me think about the stages of learning your first language relative to how babies learn to talk.

As JavaScript is my first programming language, it all made sense why it was soo hard for me to understand. I did not have anything to relate it to. Coming from HTML5 and CSS, everything was all flowers and gumdrops until the storm of JavaScript came and washed all of my sunshine away.

But as Patrick stated, be kind to yourself. Remember, it is going to take time to learn a new language.

But what stage do you think that you are in right now?

Babbling: You are fresh into the language, you don't really comprehend what you are doing, and neither can others, but you are trying.

Imitating: You are copying what you think you are supposed to do because it sounds right, and that is how your mentor told you to do it.

First word: Yaaayyy, your code is actually doing something right.

First official sentence: Others can understand you and hell, you can finally understand what the hell you are doing. There are still some mistakes but hey, that's how you learn!

Full conversations: You are a pro! You got this language down with minimal mistakes.

With JavaScript, I am making official sentences. Soon, I will be able to make full conversations LOL!

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tankerguy1917 profile image

Right now, I am making my first sentences with python and pygame. But at the same time, I am still imitating, first with dictionaries, and then classes. Luckily, I am getting to the point to where I can understand how they work, and I am even using simple classes in the big project I am working on now.

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Ashley Randall Author

Sounds like progress to me. Keep at it! :)