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Discussion on: How I discovered Coding...

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Ashley Author

I wish that my friends at that time were techie. I was a true techie at heart but I would get teased by those around me because of it. So, I never looked into it and focused on other things as a child. I am glad that you found it at such a young age. I took one computer class in middle school and I hated it. We didn't get into coding, we were just learning how to type. LOL! I haven't learned Python yet but I am so excited to start. When you finish your game, post it so I can play it. :)

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I was the opposite. My friends thought it was weird that I didn't know a lot about computers, and to be honest, I still don't. I also didn't like computer classes since it was just typing. Also, how would I post a game here? I have a github repo if that helps.