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You Need a Break!

xoshly profile image Ashley Randall ・2 min read

I haven't coded anything for about 2 weeks...

I've been teaching myself coding since June 2020. And since then, I haven't taken a real break. But due to recent events, I decided to dedicate the last two weeks to my family.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary. He is my number one supporter throughout this coding journey and I love him dearly.

As a full-time stay/work-at-home mom, my duties are plentiful. And they are exhausting. My toddler is always in full effect and I cannot turn her off until it's nap time. This is the only time I have to code.

Before I took a break, I was learning about APIs and AJAX and remember thinking, "this is too much for me right now." So, the following week, I stopped. But I didn't intend on stopping for two weeks.

I started back today and I have a fresher approach to the lessons. Before I was so mentally exhausted, I don't think that I was learning much of anything. But today, I actually retained a lot of information that didn't feel so forgetful.

So, I guess that the lesson here is: taking a freaking break! Walk away for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks.... whatever you need to recharge. Just come back to it! Don't stop and let imposter syndrome make you feel that coding is a waste of time or something that you think that you weren't good at anyway.

I'm saying this because I felt this way during those two weeks. But today, I got my ass back on this computer and coded because I genuinely missed it and was itching to get back to it.

When was the last time you took a much-needed break?

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raddevus profile image

Glad to hear you re-motivated yourself. I like to just do a little each day. That works best for me.

Now that I've finished Volume 2 of Launch Your Dev Career I've been idle for about 2 weeks or so and I need to jump back in and start Volume 3.

Keep on coding, keep on learning.

xoshly profile image
Ashley Randall Author

Thank you for your awesome words. And yes, I am so thankful to have a true passion for this because imposter syndrome is REAL!

anthonygrear profile image

I've been pushing hard since last August. I feel like I can't afford to waste hours. However, I booked a 5 day holiday next week with my family, so I hope the rest and relaxation will help to boost my memory and learning when I get back.