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Discussion on: Where are the old developers?

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xorType • Edited on

Most have moved into executive leadership. Or out of the industry completely. Leadership positions pull you out of technology and into politics. Many say screw it and make tons of money with their own venture/app. Microsoft and other big firms hire old guys that code but you will mainly see them in training/travel positions. Many of my peers have grown kids that code.

My story: Im 43, first dev job at 21 - the internet was fairly new when I started so I rode the web 1.0 and 2.0 bubbles as a dev and then architect. After architecture I started a consulting firm and did pretty good. 2008 hit me hard, as did the 'Affordable Healthcare Act' but all in all I had a great ride for a college dropout. I'm in executive leadership now and code on the weekends and at least one night a week. I don't code for work as I have an issue with companies making millions on my creations and not getting a fair share if total profit. I code so i can remain relevant while building a product line for my new business. In this 'new' digital world you will see some 'new' technology but the developer role is coming to a slow end.