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Sometimes it is also important to avoid grass is always greener syndrom.

It is not a technical debt just because you aren't on the latest hottest framework. It is technical debt when you didn't design your software well.

The reason that front end code change often is because, where every few years, the management or market pressure to need to do redesign, in which case, often times you have to rewrite the front end, since design changes will change all the code anyways. So front end frameworks changes often.

But for backend it is less change often. I remember I went to a startup meet up, and each startup talked about their tech stack, their front end may be refreshened, but their backend is almost always the hottest "framework" around the time they started. For example, companies that started in 2006 to 2010 tends to be ruby on rails, before that Php, after that, a lot of Node.js, etc.

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